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May, 2023

HLL Football Jerseys and Pants 2023

Parents/guardians of football players registered at Hamburg Little Loop (HLL) for the upcoming 2023 football season,

HLL is not able to order football jerseys from the manufacturer that supplied HLL for the past several years.  This has caused the organization to look for a new manufacturer/distributor for jerseys.  Our new distributor was able to closely replicate the jersey scheme to mirror 2022 jerseys, however, the jersey isn’t the same material as 2022 jerseys.  HLL received approval from our parent organization, OATKA, for continued use of the 2022 jerseys. 

How does this impact my child?

For 2023 and forward, HLL football uniforms, consisting of jersey and pants, must align with league requirements.

Returning players wishing to use their (2022) jersey can do so as long as it’s in good condition, lettering/numbering are intact, and, the jersey can be pulled over the shoulder pads.  Parents having any doubts about their child’s 2022 jersey can bring the jersey to the upcoming sizing days, June 1st and June 3rd, for our football commissioner/board to advise.  Or, families can purchase a new jersey.

Returning players needing a new jersey, or, new players to HLL, jersey sizing will occur at the upcoming sizing days.  Jersey cost will $65.00, payment is due at sizing, June 1st and June 3rd

Practice Jerseys will be an optional purchase with pricing, TBD.

All football players, new and returning, will be required to wear the organizations designated football pants.  The pants are slide-over, without pads, where the pants are to be worn over any integrated (padded) pants.  Pant cost is $65.00, payment is due at sizing, June 1st and June 3rd
The board is mindful of today’s economic conditions and has made available fundraising opportunities to help families offset the cost.  Information on the several fundraising opportunities will be available at sizing days.  One opportunity will be families can purchase/sell additional Buffalo Bills raffle tickets and/or Consumer Beverages raffle tickets (on top of the mandatory raffle tickets purchase during registration) on a 50/50 split with HLL.  For example, a family can purchase 6 additional Buffalo Bills raffle tickets at $10.00 each, resell the tickets for $20.00 each, and keep the $10.00 difference per raffle ticket sold.  Please note, additional raffle tickets are to be paid for at the time of distribution and there’s a limited quantity of extra Buffalo Bills raffle tickets and Consumer Beverages raffle tickets.

HLL board members can address uniform questions at sizing days or by email at: [email protected]

Thank you, 

Hamburg Little Loop Board of Directors

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